Rebecca Avern


My mission is to support and empower parents, in order to create a generation of physically healthy and emotionally resilient children.  


I have been a practising acupuncturist for 20 years.  In 2012, I set up an acupuncture clinic in Oxford purely for the treatment of babies, children and teenagers.  My clinical work is now solely with young people.  

I teach paediatric acupuncture at both under-graduate and post-graduate level in the UK and internationally.

I am the author of a major paediatric acupuncture textbook, Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Acupuncture which was published in 2018.  


I am the mother of two secondary school girls.  I live with them, my husband and our dog in Oxford, UK. 

I love walking on the beautiful Port Meadow which I am lucky enough to have opposite my house.  Spending time with my small group of very close friends is my number one priority after family and work.  I make sourdough bread, read a lot and my luxury is to soak in a long, hot bath whenever I can.


Some of my core beliefs are:

  • That children are our most precious resource, and that as a society we are not serving them as best we can
  • That good relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human and are the probably the most important health-giving aspect of life
  • That it is not what we bear, but how we bear it (to paraphrase the philosopher Seneca), that defines us